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Waitin on a Muse

19 Apr

So, here I am, wanting to write a blog, and yet again, I cannot think of anything to say.  I want to keep my politics out of it, but then something blows up in a big way.  Anywho, I get back to you and try to write more and better than what I am now doing.  Since this is my second post, that shouldn’t be too hard. 

I think I may post a vid-yo here to pass the time…


Hello WordPress.

2 Apr

Hey guys, I’m WeatherMarch, and this is my third-ish blog.  I have no idea what happened to the first one, I just know I started one and then forgot about it.  My second one is over on blogger, I said I would write more on it but haven’t touched it since December. So why start a new blog here on wordpress? It’s quite simple really, I had to start a Newspaper/blog for a college project and I needed a wordpress account for it.  So here I am, and to simplify things, here I will stay.  

So, what can you expect from me?  I will try to stay away from politics, but no promises.  I may write some reviews, or I might post some of my school work.  If I find something interesting out on the interwebs, I’ll probably mention it here.  In any case, this will be a blog about things, we’ll see what happens.  

Also, I will try not to let this blog die out like my other ones.  I will try very hard.  Besides, I need writing practice, and blogging should be the perfect exercise.

So, see you in the upcoming future.


Weather March