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So it seems that I took on a

11 Jul

So it seems that I took on a little too much for my spring classes, and toward the end of the semester, I just plain lost most of my free time.  So I haven’t posted, at all.  Now I aint planning to give up yet, and I really don’t have much to do this summer, so look forward to more post from me.

I’m thinking I’ll start with some reviews of some things, old and new, and perhaps post some of my school work up here as well, at least that which I actually like and want to share.  




Waitin on a Muse

19 Apr

So, here I am, wanting to write a blog, and yet again, I cannot think of anything to say.  I want to keep my politics out of it, but then something blows up in a big way.  Anywho, I get back to you and try to write more and better than what I am now doing.  Since this is my second post, that shouldn’t be too hard. 

I think I may post a vid-yo here to pass the time…

Hello WordPress.

2 Apr

Hey guys, I’m WeatherMarch, and this is my third-ish blog.  I have no idea what happened to the first one, I just know I started one and then forgot about it.  My second one is over on blogger, I said I would write more on it but haven’t touched it since December. So why start a new blog here on wordpress? It’s quite simple really, I had to start a Newspaper/blog for a college project and I needed a wordpress account for it.  So here I am, and to simplify things, here I will stay.  

So, what can you expect from me?  I will try to stay away from politics, but no promises.  I may write some reviews, or I might post some of my school work.  If I find something interesting out on the interwebs, I’ll probably mention it here.  In any case, this will be a blog about things, we’ll see what happens.  

Also, I will try not to let this blog die out like my other ones.  I will try very hard.  Besides, I need writing practice, and blogging should be the perfect exercise.

So, see you in the upcoming future.


Weather March